Wrinkles will affect everyone, in time. Starting in our 20’s, we all experience a reduction in collagen, elastin and fat (2% per year). This is also accompanied by a loss of volume, particularly in the upper half of our face.

This results in fine lines that typically begin on the forehead, between the eyes, the lips and elsewhere on the face. Many people find these lines make them look tired, angry or older than they actually are.


While our Grandmothers had few options other than topical creams, with the latest technology, we can dramatically minimize these lines, restore that plump youthful look and leaving you with a more relaxed and beautiful appearance.

With combined treatment approaches, we customize a plan that suits every client

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At RevitalizeMD we have extensive experience in the injection of Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is the longest standing wrinkle treatment on the market. With decades of popular use, it is safe and effective.  In the hands of an experienced physician, Botox softens and smooths unwanted facial lines.

Dermal fillers are a quick and effective approach to addressing volume loss and they offer instant results.  They work by filling the depleted spaces, replacing lost fat and improving the associated wrinkles.

At Revitalize MD, we offer state-of-the art laser treatments.  Our laser is unique compared to other lasers on the market. The Halo laser treatment targets two distinct levels of the skin offering excellent results by minimizing lines, stimulating collagen production and leaving the skin smooth and firm.

We also use micro-needling to plump up the skin. Of course, we also have an excellent selection of topical skin care to compliment your treatment results. A combination approach is often the best solution to address those bothersome wrinkles.

EXILIS ULTRA™ is a first-of-its-kind aesthetic treatment that simultaneously transmits both radio frequency (RF™) and Ultrasound energy to treated tissue. The combination treatment makes this the most comfortable radiofrequency device on the market allowing deeper and more even heating of tissue resulting in an enhanced stimulation of elastin and collagen growth. It’s unique applicators allow ExilisUltra to be used on multiple parts of the face and body. Smoothing and softening wrinkles and slowing their recurrence.

We are happy to see you for a free consultation and help you decide on your best plan.

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