Under eye circles

Dark circles under the eye are a very common complaint among women and men between their 20s and 70s.  These dark circles often leave people looking tired and older than they actually are, even after a good night’s sleep. Dark circles are often accompanied by wrinkles or “bags” under the eye. Poor lighting doesn’t help the appearance of dark circles, but there are many other factors. With age, the skin underneath the eye tends to thin and there is a reduction in fat and collagen.

Under-eye circles


Genetics often play a role in dark circles. They can be more common in certain ethnicities.  The shape of the eye can cause the appearance of dark cirlces. Environment factors including allergies, irritated skin, sun exposure, smoking or even smiling, can all contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

Man's vey tired eyes

Many people turn to make-up to address under eye circles.  While make-up can help (check out our fantastic line of mineral make-up), we have a variety of treatment choices available ranging from lasers, to injectables, to topical therapies. Regardless of the cause behind those dark-circles, we offer treatments and results that suit each individual client.

Using medical grade eye creams before and after any treatments stimulate growth factors and help to increase the collagen and elastin. We carry award winning eye creams that have been scientifically proven to deliver effective results.  These products are not available at your favorite cosmetic counter.

Beyond the eye creams, we offer effective treatments options including injecting growth factors from your own blood, laser treatments, strategic placement of dermal fillers. Come see us to learn more.

Treatment options