Rosacea is often characterized by flushing and redness in the center of the face. Skin may be swollen and sensitive. It is typically attributed to hyper-reactive blood vessels, but scientists are still studying the causes and most effective treatments.

Rosacea appears to run in families. It is believed that the immune system plays a role. In particular, people with Rosacea tend to experience an over-reaction to bacillius oleronius. Other theories include an association with a skin mite, a particular type of intestinal infection and the body’s ability to process a certain protein.


People with rosacea often experience sensitive skin. Their skin often reacts to triggers such as extremes of heat and cold, alcohol, caffeine and hormones.  Skin care products are a common trigger, even including non-medical grade products that aim to manage rosacea.

This can be a very difficult condition for those effected, who may feel troubled and self-conscious. While rosacea most commonly affects fair-skinned women over 35, men are also affected. Rosacea is a condition that never resolves completely, but can be effectively managed to drastically reduce or eliminate symptoms, while increasing self-confidence.

Woman face skin with vascular stars and couperose.

At RevitalizeMD, we take a combined approach that includes prescription medications, quality skin care and make-up products. Skin care is critically important in managing rosacea. Protecting your skin from the sun year-round will keep rosacea from progressing. We offer excellent skin care products aimed at treating and reversing rosacea. 

At RevitalizeMD we use a variety of laser treatments including IPL, BBL (recommended by the American Academy of Dermatologists) and Halo treatments.  These deliver effective results for treating and slowing progression  of our client’s rosacea concerns.

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