Red spots

A clear complexion radiates beauty. Facial veins and red spots (which can vary in shade and also appear tan or brown) can appear anywhere on the face or chest. There are many types of red spots and numerous causes.

It is sometimes hard to identify the underlying cause of red spots, but often they are the result of age, trauma to skin, chronic inflammation, infection and excess exposure to ultraviolet light in the form the sun or a tanning bed (particularly in the case of actinic keratosis or cherry angiomas).

Red spots

A clear complexion radiates beauty.

Red spots can show up suddenly or develop slowly over time. Red spots may be tiny or large and cover a small or sizable area of the face or body. They can be itchy or painful, flat or raised an vary in color.  They are generally due to broken blood vessels. 

It is important to have a doctor look at red spots, which can be attributable to many conditions and could even be cancerous or precancerous lesions. We bring both a medical and esthetics approach to client care to ensure optimal treatments are recommended.

Our recommendation for clients will vary with our assessment of the underlying cause and optimal course of treatments.  We have all the conventional therapies at our disposal, including prescription treatments and biopsy when necessary. Our Sciton® laser offers today’s best laser therapy option for addressing these unwanted vascular lesions, non-invasively and with minimal downtime.

Treatment options