The skin on our neck and décolletage is prone to premature aging, as it is three times thinner than the skin on our face. It also lacks the same regenerative ability required to bounce back when damaged.

As you dutifully apply anti-aging serums and lotions to your face, you might be inclined skip the area right below it. The truth is, the skin on the neck and under our chin is prone to show its age much more than the skin on our face. Clients who consult us about the skin on their neck and under the chin, often dislike the laxity, visible “neck lines” and general appearance of aging.


The neck’s skin is thinner than almost anywhere else on the body (except for undereyes and the back of hands), The neck has almost no hair follicles and oil glands. As such there are no stem cells there to replenish the skin as it gets damaged. This makes the neck susceptible to dehydration. Additionally gravity, day-to-day movement, and simply getting older break down the collagen and elastin. This can result in a crepey or saggy appearance.

With neck wrinkles and concerns front and center (and some interesting new products and treatments) perhaps it’s time to give this neglected skin its due.


At RevitalizeMD we have a multi-treatment approach to improving the appearance of the neck.

We have laser treatments such as ForeveryoungBBL and Halo that tighten the skin on the neck and improve the skin tone.

Injectable products such as Hyaluronic acid fillers and biostimulators like Radiesse to erase the necklace lines.

ExilisUltra is the only technology that uses combination of Radiofrequency and simultaneous Ultrasound to stimulate collagen and elastin resulting in consistent tightening and toning of the skin on our neck.

And, of course, our medical grade skin care products are specialized for the skin on the neck and produce better results than the products used on the face.

Treatment options