With age comes wisdom, and sometimes less-wanted consequences.

Every women’s journey through menopause is unique, but many women will relate to physical, emotional and sexual health changes during this time. Physical symptoms may be mild or more noticeable and include hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping.  Many women notice increased moodiness or irritability, fatigue, difficulty focusing and even depression. Changes in sexual health can lead to an increased urge to urinate, a leaky bladder, vaginal dryness and a loss of interest in sex, which can impact upon relationships.


While many women do not look forward to the onset of menopause, there are far more options available today than our Grandmother had at her disposal.  As an experienced family physician Dr. Panesar is well versed in all of the options that conventional medicine can offer women today.  More importantly, Dr. Panesar is an expert in the treatements that go above and beyond what conventional medicine can offer.


Medical technologies have advanced to such a degree that menopause can be a non-event, for most women.  While our hormones may seem to have a mind of their own sometimes, functional medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy lets you take back control and address the physical, emotional, bladder and sexual health symptoms.

Unlike conventional approaches to hormone therapy, these leading-edge approaches balance hormones using prescriptions that are customized to each individual.  Regular testing helps to ensure the most effective and safest results for each client. Dr. Panesar has a fellowship in functional medicine and a decade of experience in BHRT.

With a particular interest and expertise in bladder and sexual health, Dr. Panesar is one of the few doctors in Alberta to offer the Diva, O-shot and Emsella chair.  A combined treatments approach offers excellent results for her clients.

Treatment options