Our hands do a lot for us.  Why not do something for them?  Besides the face and neck, no part of our body shows the signs of aging more than the back of our hands. Our hands and forearms are typically subject to significant sun damage over the years.

Close up of a woman's hands held together

Over time, our hands can begin to develop dark spots and lack elasticity. Loss of smoothness and plumpness is natural over time. The skin begins to appear thinner due to less collagen and elastin and the fat on the back of our hands diminishes. Taking a whole-body approach to treatments has led many clients to investigate their options.  Your hands need not show the signs of aging.


In our climate, where dry hands are common-place due to the weather and consistent handwashing, product options can help manage dry hands from the inside out.

At RevitalizeMD we can offer treatments for all three aspects of the tissue of the hands. First, we can treat the surface by exfoliation and infusing hydration into the skin. This can achieved by Hydrafacials, chemical peels and quality skin care products.

Second, we are able to work within the skin’s layers to reverse the signs of sun damage using BBL and fractionated laser such as the Halo to improve tone and texture, while increasing the overall quality of the skin.

Third, dermal fillers can address the issue of volume loss, ranging from skin boosters to volumizing fillers and biostimulators.

We can turn back the clock on those busy hands. This can be a wonderful addition to many of the other treatments we offer for face and body. Ask about addition this to your package.  Come see us to discuss how we can make that manicure look even better.

Treatment options