Enlarged pores

Many women and men are troubled by enlarged pores, which can happen at any age. Open pores on your cheeks, nose, and forehead can appear larger as you age, or when your pores are clogged. Keeping your skin clean and avoiding the sun can help reduce the appearance of large pores. With today’s newest technology, a lot can be done to address pore size, with excellent results.

Enlarged pores

Many factors can contribute to large pores. These include thick hair follicles, genetics, sun damage, high levels of oil (sebum), and aging. All skin types, whether normal, oily or dry can have the appearance of large pores. They often appear over time and are exaggerated by depleting collagen.

Large pores take away from the brightness of your complection. Leaving the skin looking irregular, they often lead to black heads. Makeup tends to not apply evenly, leaving your skin with a dull appearance.

Enlarged pores

We often recommend as a starting point either a Hydrafacial or chemical peel. Both treatments are performed by our experienced and well trained staff. These are both very safe procedures with little downtime and immediate results.

Our unique fractionated laser (the Halo) addresses enlarged pores, as well as improving overall skin tightness and tone. Our laser works by rejuvenating collagen production. It is very effective for large pores, as well as other skin concerns including acne scarring.

To maintain these results, good products make a significant difference. As we age, our skin cells turn over less quickly. This is coupled with our dry Alberta climate. We offer our clients skin care lines that enhance skin turn over, and increases collagens and elastin under the skin. These products often include retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids (citric, lactic or glycolic acid) as well as salicylic acid.

Treatments available to rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of pores, leaving the skin looking smooth, youthful and vibrant include Hydrafacial, chemical peels, fractionated laser and supportive skin products.

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