Dark Spots / Sun Damage / Age Spots

Our time in the sun eventually catches up with us. Years of sun exposure often show themselves as increased freckles or brown spots on our skin. These can take away from a youthful appearance. Wearing and reapplying sun protection on a daily basis will help prevent worsening of these spots.

Unfortunately taking preventative measures, will not reverse sun damage. The reversal of sun damage requires intervention with brightening topical creams and cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, the products and treatments available today are highly effective in correcting sun damage.

Sun damage

For our patients who wish to restore a more even tone to their complexion, we offer a range of treatment options. Depending upon each client’s individual needs, a multi-faceted approach often delivers the best results.

Targeting and treating sun damage can be accomplished with laser skin treatments. At RevitalizeMD we have a number of laser platforms available to meet our client’s needs. These include both a Broadband light (BBL), fractionated laser, and laser resurfacing. Laser treatments performed by our experienced staff typically have little or no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Micro-needling and PRP treatments are also good options. Our PRP treatments use our client’s own Platlet-rich plasma to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal sun damage.

We carry a variety of products that help our clients make the most out of treatments and accelerate results through daily at home care.

A consultation with Dr. Panesar and one of our skin-care expert nurses will ascertain the course of treatment best suited to optimize your skin tone and  clarity.

Treatment options