Bladder Control

An issue for many people, a leaky bladder often begins gradually.  While childbirth is sometimes the starting point, in time weakened pelvic floor muscles and menopause will often exacerbate the problem.  These issues can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those effected who often feel awkward, embarrassed and reluctant to engage in certain activities.

Bladder control

While women may be more likely to consult a health care provider, men are also be impact by bladder leakage. This can arise following an accident, surgery or simply result from pelvic floor muscles that have weakened over time.

If you pee when you sneeze and always need to know the location of nearest bathroom, we have better options

Conventional treatments such as estrogen supplementation and surgery are invasive and carry risk. The diVa® laser therapy, Emsella and O-Shot® present excellent options for women and men with all degrees of urinary incontinence. Treatments for bladder leakage typically result in an in improvement in sexual function.

Whether this is a new issue for you, or something that you have struggled with over time, we can help.  As a clinic with a special interest, proven technology and experience in these issues, we have helped change the lives of many people who have trusted us with their concerns.

Treatment options