If you don’t like the appearance of your arms, you have options. And we don’t mean long sleeve shirts.

Clients come to see us to discuss both the shape of their arms and the skin’s tone and overall appearance. Many clients are bothered by the appearance of arms that have lost their firmness and may appear to be sagging (bat wing arms).

At RevitalizeMD, we can address stubborn underarm fat and lax, crepey skin with Coolsculping, EmsculptNeo and ExilisUltra treatments.


Coolsculting will permanently eliminate unwanted fat on the underside of the arm.

EmsculptNeo treatments build muscle in both the bicep and triceps area, while also destroying unwanted fat.

ExilisUltra is the only technology that uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound making the results of skin tightening, elastin and collagen stimulation and fat loss more comfortable and superior to other RF technologies on the market

ForeverClearBBL laser treatments can address any unwanted sun damage.

Additionally our new Alastin TransForm Body topical treatments can enhance the results of Emsculpt, Coolsculpting and ExilisUltra treatments by improving crepey arm skin.

Many women and men feel self-conscious about loose and sagging skin on their arms. You don’t need to avoid short-sleeved tops and revealing your upper arm. Come see us to discuss your options.

Treatment options