Today there is a greater awareness of the impact of reduced testosterone levels and hormone imbalances in men. While the subject is talked about, conventional medicine offers limited treatment choices to address client concerns.


Combining a conventional medicine and functional medicine approach, we offer solutions to address fatigue, loss of muscle mass, poor sleep, anxiety and erectile dysfunction with a customized program for each client.


Dr. Panesar has received a Fellowship in Bio-identical hormone therapies through the anti-aging society of North America. She has been practicing this alongside her family medicine practice for over a decade. By combining regular lab testing and specialized saliva testing she is able to tailor a treatment protocol that is best for individual client’s needs and concerns.

Erectile dysfunction has become a more recognized and discussed issue in conventional medical practice. The solutions are not always palatable for every man. Medications often have side effects that are unwanted and troublesome.

The P-shot uses growth factors from your own blood to restore the penis to its more youthful state. Your blood is rich in growth factors, which when placed into proper areas stimulate tissue growth, increase capillary growth and stimulate the production of capillaries. This leads to better erections, greater sensation and lower or eliminated medication use.

While the Emsella has been mostly targeted as a treatment for urinary incontinence for both men and women, there is growing evidence that it can be helpful in improving erectile function as well. This completely non-invasive, non-surgical treatment allows you to stay dressed in comfortable clothing during your 30 minute session. The contractions to the pelvic floor muscle help to strengthen and improve pelvic floor, which is necessary for improved sexual function.

Dr. Panesar has successfully treated many patients using a combined approach. Come in for a consultation and join many men who have been had happy results.

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