Acne is a common skin condition that can be frustrating to manage. How to get rid of acne is a common question from our clients. We offer several acne treatment options.

While acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts or dreaded “zits” often begin in adolescence, it can cause havoc with our skin through our adulthood as well.


Causes of acne breakouts relate to problems renewing the surface of the skin. The hard cornified layer of the epidermis plugs our pores making it difficult for our oil glands to clear easily. This results in whiteheads and blackheads.

Secondly, hormonal changes stimulate our oil glands to grow and increase their sebum production. Because the glands are not able to empty easily, an inflammatory reaction begins under the skin allowing the normal bacteria to overgrow and cause pimples and cysts that can lead to acne scars. While acne often appears on the face, back acne, or chest acne is also common.

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At Edmonton’s RevitalizeMD, we have a great variety of tools to help clear acne, and reverse acne scarring. Through a combination of prescription therapies, oral and topical treatments and acne laser treatments, we address the skin’s surface and reduce inflammation.

Pharmaceutical therapies are always an option. Dr. Panesar’s extensive experience with acne treatment allows her to customize a plan that is best for you. Non-pharmaceutical approaches are also available.

A series of Hydrafacial treatments will help to clear the dry hard layer on the surface of the skin, infuse the skin with moisture and anti-inflammatory boosters, giving the skin a smooth refreshed feeling while reducing active acne lesions. All this with no downtime and an instant skin refresh.

The ForeverClearBBL is a unique laser for acne treatments. It uses three different phases. The first phase uses Blue light to destroy the offending bacteria right to the depths of the pore. The second phase uses Red light to treat the vascular or red component of the acne, reducing the inflammation of the skin. The third phase brings in the Skintyte component, which uses almost infrared light to gently heat the skin so that the oil glands are actually reduced in size making acne recurrence less likely. This procedure has no down time and minimal discomfort.

If the acne scarring is a concern, there are several acne scar treatment options available. Microneedling combined with topical therapies, as well as, our fractionated laser, the Halo are both amazing at reducing acne scarring or eliminating acne scarring altogether.

And of course, medical grade skin care lines like Alumiermd will help to maintain your skin and keep you acne free.

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Treatment options