Forever Clear BBL

Acne is stubborn and difficult to manage. At RevitalizeMD we have many different options to manage acne, including Sciton’s ForeverClear BBL, which is a unique laser for acne treatments.

This laser procedure has no down time, minimal discomfort and is extremely effective. Clients will typically undergo a series of 6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart. They will often see results as soon as the day following the first treatment. After the initial series of treatments, regular maintenance treatments typically benefit the patient.

Forever Clear BBL
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Get rid of acne with the speed of light

Foreverclear BBL targets 3 different aspects of acne – the oil production, the skin bacteria, and the inflammation. It delivers results after even just one session. There are three phases to a treatment.

The first phase uses Blue light to destroy the offending bacteria right into the depths of the pore.

The second phase uses Red light to treat the vascular or red component of the acne, reducing the inflammation of the skin.

The third phase uses almost infrared light to gently heat the skin so that the oil glands are actually reduced in size, reducing oil production and making acne recurrence less likely.

Clients who want to forego expensive topical skin care, or the side-affects that accompany prescription options can see us for a consultation to discuss their acne-related concerns.

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Before and after

Forever Clear BBL beforeForever Clear BBL after
Forever Clear BBL beforeForever Clear BBL after
Forever Clear BBL beforeForever Clear BBL after

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  • Mar 2021


    "I absolutely love every experience I have had at RevitalizeMD. The staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible every time.


    Dr. Panesar is amazing, she offers the best advice and does thorough consultations. She is very professional, extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and highly skilled.


    Hands place in the city for all your beauty needs !!! I personally love the Halo facial!"

  • Oct 2020

    Rebecca F

    "Dr. Panesar is committed to the wellbeing of her patients. She helped me resolve a serious and ongoing health issue, and I really can't thank her enough for healing my post-radiation tissue injury with PRP treatments. I'm filled with gratitude for this amazing doctor!


    I am also very grateful for the care and the expertise of clinic RN Raelynn. Dr. Panesar and Raelynn have also helped me improve the quality of my skin (with a Halo treatment).


    RevitalizeMD is by far the best location in the city for aesthetic medicine. It is a warm and friendly place with a visionary level of care (and incredible follow-up care)."

  • Dec 2020


    "Great clinic with a very helpful staff. My hair removal was very professionally done and the cost was very reasonable.


    Highly recommended!"

  • Jan 14, 2020


    "Having my first treatment of Juvederm and Halo was a great experience.


    Dr Bhavlene and her staff are very friendly and explained every step they did with assurance. Made me feel very comfortable. They are all very highly trained and knowledgeable I loved the instant results and the confidence booster.


    I highly recommend you visit Dr. Bhavlene and her team Great clinic."

  • July 2020


    "I highly recommend this clinic, my experience with them was amazing. Friendly ladies on reception and the nurses as well the doctor is highly experienced and lovely.


    That was my first time and it won't be the last one :)"

  • March 2021


    "Amazing customer service...always very friendly and helpful. I recommend this place to everyone.


    My daughter and I have had amazing results with our skin care needs, her for acne and myself for aging. I especially love Ashley at the front with her friendly and welcoming smile."

  • February 2021


    "I can tell that I am in love with revitalizeMD, such a  professional doctor, amazing!


    Raelynn is so profesional and so keen on her patient and she works with love.


    I really recommend the clinic and the crew especially the gorgeous Raelynn."