At RevitalizeMD we continue to bring the latest and most effective technologies to the field of non-surgical body sculpting.

EMSculptNeo® is just that!

EMSculptNeo® is a leading-edge non-invasive body sculpting solution. We are proud to be the first clinic in Edmonton to offer this groundbreaking new technology that is FDA and Health Canada approved to effectively build muscle (an average increase of 25%) while simultaneously decreasing fat (an average decrease of 30%).

Best of all, EMSculptNeo® is entirely non-invasive, has no downtime and is anesthesia and needle free.

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Build muscle and sculpt your body

Muscles represent about 35% of the human body, but previous aesthetic treatments have only addressed fat.

EMSculptNeo® is the world’s first and only technology that uses Radiofrequency (RF) and HIFEM+(high intensity electromagnetic energy)  to eliminate fat and build muscles non-invasively. . Considered a breakthrough in non-invasive body shaping the combination of these two technologies make both muscle building and fat loss are accelerated. It is two therapies in a single treatment ( 2 for 1)

Backed by science, with over 7 new clinical studies and 30 scientific publications EmsculptNeo continues to show consistent results. 

How does it work?

Fat breakdown: In less than 4 minutes the temperature in the fat reaches levels that cause their permanent damage.

Muscle WarmUp: The muscle temperature rises by several degrees similar to what a what a warm up activity does before any work out.  It is comfortable and feels similar to a hot stone massage.

Supramaximal Contraction: Muscles are contracted at intensities that are not achievable during routine exercise.

After treatment: the destroyed fat cells are slowly removed from the body and the strained muscle fibers initiate a growth process.  This result in fat elimination and muscle building.

While EmsculptNEO is not meant to replace your workout routine, it can definitely enhance you results. 4 x 30 minute sessions scheduled once a week are the equivalent to 12-15 weeks of HIIT training even enhacing the body’s heat shock proteins. This is why so many well know athletes and celebrities are turning to EmsculptNEO.


While you can feel tangible results right away and within 2-4 weeks after the treatments, complete results are achieved 8-12 weeks after completing your treatment course.

EmsculptNEO can be used shortly post-pregnancy to deal with increasing core strength, reducing diastasis recti, reducing overlying fatty tissue while also tightening over lying lax skin. It is the ultimate non-invasive Mommy makeover.

EmsculptNEO gives superior results compared to its predecessor – Emsculpt. Firstly, the combination of HIFEM+ and RF accelerate both muscle building and fat loss. Second, the pulse pattern with HIFEM+ is expanded providing 12 different patterns compared to the 3 with Emsculpt. Lastly, the RF also provides additional skin tightening.

EmsculptNEO can be used for the strengthening, toning and firming of the abdomen, buttocks as well as contouring the arms, calves and thighs. This game changing technology helps patients achieve next-level, muscle contouring and increases the strength and stamina of both the abdominal and gluteal region to help patients take their physique to the next level. If you aspire to six-pack abs, or just want to lose unwanted girth, this is for you.

Treatments last approximately 30 minutes, results are permanent and there is no recovery time – you can have a treatment over your lunch break.


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Before and after

EMSculpt® beforeEMSculpt® after
EMSculpt® beforeEMSculpt® after
EMSculpt® beforeEMSculpt® after

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    "Having my first treatment of Juvederm and Halo was a great experience.


    Dr Bhavlene and her staff are very friendly and explained every step they did with assurance. Made me feel very comfortable. They are all very highly trained and knowledgeable I loved the instant results and the confidence booster.


    I highly recommend you visit Dr. Bhavlene and her team Great clinic."

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