The Clear & Brilliant®  non-ablative fractionated laser improves the overall quality of the skin. It allows us to treat pigmentation, texture and tone of the skin in the same treatment. It can be done on all skin types.

This laser has 2 different wavelengths: Perméa®  is more superficial (1927 nm) and Clear & Brilliant® goes deeper (1440 nm).

Depending on skin needs, our professionals will guide you in your choice between these two treatments.

This laser technology creates subcutaneous micro-perforations to generate the natural healing and repair process of the skin. It thus increases the production of new skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

PERMÉA®: A powerful exfoliation


Provides a more even tone for the skin, reducing overall pigmentation concerns.

Provides deeper hydratation for softer skin Perméa® is loved by patients who are used to microdermabrasion because it provides a much more powerful exfoliation. Thus, it allows cosmeceuticals to penetrate well into the skin for deep hydration.

Perméa® can be done alone or as a 4-session treatment.

CLEAR & BRILLIANT®: A complete treatment

With its longer wavelength, Clear & Brilliant® treats deeper skin layers than Perméa®. It effectively tightens dilated pores, softens wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin tone, texture and complexion.

This treatment can be done alone, or as a 4-session treatment.

Clear & Brilliant® and Perméa® are established as gentle alternatives to other more powerful fractionated lasers, in order to refine skin texture, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and can be done year round.

Results you can see

  • Suitable for all skin types: Clear & Brilliant® is suitable for all skin types.
  • Series of treatment is highly recommended: while a single treatment can provide a visible effect on the overall appearance of skin tone, a course of three to six sessions spaced two to four weeks apart will give optimal results.
  • Comfortable treatment: an anesthetic gel can be applied to the skin beforehand to make the treatment more comfortable and practically painless.
  • Minimal recovery time: besides a possible minor swelling and a sunburn-like redness lasting only a few hours, there is no post-treatment downtime. In the days following the treatment, the skin may appear to have a slightly rough sandpapery texture, but the small dead skin cells will eventually peel off on their own.
  • Safe: this laser is approved by Health Canada. The treatment is performed by a trained and experienced technician.
  • Affordable: this type of treatment allows you to improve the appearance and health of your skin at a lower cost than ablative lasers. Learn more about our different offers.

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    Rebecca F

    "Dr. Panesar is committed to the wellbeing of her patients. She helped me resolve a serious and ongoing health issue, and I really can't thank her enough for healing my post-radiation tissue injury with PRP treatments. I'm filled with gratitude for this amazing doctor!


    I am also very grateful for the care and the expertise of clinic RN Raelynn. Dr. Panesar and Raelynn have also helped me improve the quality of my skin (with a Halo treatment).


    RevitalizeMD is by far the best location in the city for aesthetic medicine. It is a warm and friendly place with a visionary level of care (and incredible follow-up care)."

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    Highly recommended!"

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    "Having my first treatment of Juvederm and Halo was a great experience.


    Dr Bhavlene and her staff are very friendly and explained every step they did with assurance. Made me feel very comfortable. They are all very highly trained and knowledgeable I loved the instant results and the confidence booster.


    I highly recommend you visit Dr. Bhavlene and her team Great clinic."

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