Becoming the Confident Women: Revitalizing Results Driven Body Sculpting Technology

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April 20th @ 6:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Bhavlene Panesar

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The Revitalize difference

So, what is the Revitalize Difference?

I’ve spent over 20 years developing my skills and expertise, with specialized training across North America, and have finally found industry leading technologies that combine health and science to produce insane results for my clients.

But here’s the thing…

Producing incredible results from a single 30 minute session with Revitalize body contouring technology is inevitable. What we’re really getting to the crux of is sculpting a strong, confident, and powerful woman, who is a bold, positive energy to be around.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like you just yet…fear not.

For every single woman I’ve worked with, these things have rung true when they first visited me:

  • They felt fed up and insecure
  • They were too busy for workouts
  • They felt bad for wanting to invest in themselves
  • They longed to get their confidence back

Sound familiar?

As the most caring creators, gorgeous guardians, and magnificent and maternal multi-taskers, us women sometimes don’t have the time or the energy to invest in our own self development.

At RevitalizeMD, I’ve made it my mission to encourage women to re-think this… 😀

  • To re-align their output with their ambition
  • To re-evaluate their lack of purpose and drive
  • To revitalize themselves with Edmonton’s NO.1 health and beauty practice.

And that is the Revitalize Difference; it’s in the third element: body, skin & wellness, because what good is a bikini body if you don’t feel confident and amazing!?

EmsculptNEO is the health; RevitalizeMD is the science; AND YOU are the revolution.

The key to beauty is confidence, so, unlock your inner prowess, by showing up for you April 20th and discover why 20 peer reviewed publications and over 800,00 TX globally have backed your next move.

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April 20th @ 6:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Bhavlene Panesar

*People who sign up for FREE gain access to special discounted pricing for the month of April and May for Coolsculpting, ExilisUltra and EmsculptNEO.

Before and after

EMSculpt® beforeEMSculpt® after

What's in the class?

You know we always go all out at our Annual Live Spring Event, and this year we’re leveling up once again, with Becoming the Confident Woman: Revitalizing Results Driven Body Sculpting Technology.

By showing up for you this spring, you’ll gain exclusive access to instant door prizes and special pricing on all treatments for April and May 2022, so that you can have all eyes on you this summer!

You’re awesome the way you are, and just like we use clothes and makeup and jewelry to enhance our appearance, Coolsculpting, ExilisUltra and EmsculptNEO can take enhancement to a whole other level.

Seize the opportunity to learn about industry-leading treatments from the comfort of your home, and embark on your journey to more muscle, less fat, and a whole lotta well-deserved confidence.

Remember, only you can change things for yourself. No one’s gonna show up for you!

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April 20th @ 6:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Bhavlene Panesar

Here’s how our Live Event will run


Welcome guests & introduction to Dr Panesar


How you can burn 30% fat and built 25% muscle simultaneously, through high frequency electromagnetic waves with industry-leading, FDA cleared, skin and bodycare technology and non-invasive fat burning treatment.

Team Behind The Tech

Hear about the team revitalizing body sculpting technology for the better at Edmonton’s favourite health and beauty practice

Incredible Results

See our case studies that have utilised Coolsculpting, ExilisUltra and EmsculptNEO, with insane before and after shots, aftercare guidance, and testimonials

Pricing and prizes!

There will be special pricing on all treatments for April and May, available to anyone who books a consultation.

While you are at the clinic you will be offered the opportunity to enter your name for a chance to win one of 4 Door prizes.

Door prizes include:

  • 2 sessions of EmsculptNEO OR
  • 2 cycles of Coolsculpting OR
  • 2 sessions of ExilisUltra OR

Everyone who books a consultation will also be entered to win an Ultimate Revitalize Facial.

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April 20th @ 6:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Bhavlene Panesar

Meet your 3 secret weapons for your new summer body.

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At RevitalizeMD we continue to bring the latest and most effective technologies to the field of non-surgical body sculpting.

EMSculptNeo® is just that!

EMSculptNeo® is a leading-edge non-invasive body sculpting solution. We are proud to be the first clinic in Edmonton to offer this groundbreaking new technology that is FDA and Health Canada approved to effectively build muscle (an average increase of 25%) while simultaneously decreasing fat (an average decrease of 30%).

Best of all, EMSculptNeo® is entirely non-invasive, has no downtime and is anesthesia and needle free.

Play Video about Coolsculpting


Get the body you want. CoolSculpting’s® CoolAdvantage™ platform targets stubborn fat in the abdomen (belly-fat and love handles), thigh, flank (side), under the chin, bra/back bulge, under the buttocks, and upper arm areas, eliminating it for good.  This service offers great results with no downtime.

What is Coolsculpting? How does it work? Coolsculpting has been around for over 12 years. The Edmonton team at Revitalize MD has 8 years of experienced and extensive additional and international training. Coolsculpting is a consistent, effective, non-invasive treatment for eliminating stubborn pockets of unwanted fat.

The new CoolAdvantage applicators have made this treatment even more comfortable, shorter in duration and more effective at sculpting the body.



Take skin tightening to the next level with BTL’s ExilisUltra™. ExilisUltra is ideal for anyone looking for a preventative treatment or a more dramatic cosmetic improvement once they begin to notice signs of aging. It is also an ideal solution for clients looking to target excess fat or lax skin in specific stubborn areas.

ExilisUltra is the first and only non-invasive aesthetic device to simultaneously transmit radio frequency and ultrasound energy. Forget the painful stories of previous radiofreqency treatments. By combining these two energies, ExilisUltra makes the delivered therapy safer and more comfortable while delivering consistent results.

The end result is a more youthful appearance.

Meet the team

Dr. Panesar grew up in Alberta, obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Alberta, and has been in practice since 1991.  Her approach to patient care incorporates the best of traditional medicine and the newest developments in wellness.

Dr. Panesar has certification in Medical Acupuncture from the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, a Fellowship in Functional Medicine supported by the University of South Florida and The Anti-aging Society of North America, and a preceptorship with New York physician Dr. Erika Schwartz, author of the bestselling book The Hormone Solutions.

Dr. Panesar’s passion for medical esthetics has led her to complete extensive training and gain invaluable experience over the past fifteen years.  Her training has taken her across Canada to learn from the best physicians in Vancouver, Toronto, and other major centers. Dr. Panesar is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

Medical: MD, UofA – University of Alberta, 1989

Hospital privileges
All treatments performed in office

Realself verified Doctor

Don’t just take our word for it

5/5 star reviews

“Wow I am so happy with my results. I did the Emsculpt Neo on my butt and the treatment was crazy! It was like doing the best workout of my life. The staff is amazing and I can’t wait to do other areas!”

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“I had an amazing experience with Dr Panesar and her entire team. Everyone was very friendly and well informed. I had Emsculpt done on my abs and arms. I feel stronger and am down 1.5 inches around my waist 2 weeks after my last treatment. I would highly recommend Dr Panesar and her team. They even have late hours a few days per week so you don’t have to miss work.”

Verified Real Self Reviewer


Coolsculpting makes my pants fit.

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“A few months back, I decided to have some Coolsculpting done at RevitalizeMD. I wanted to address my lower abdominal area as no exercise or dieting would help reduce the bulge. I had to come in for a couple of visits, a few hours each time, spaced about eight weeks apart. The procedure itself was minimally uncomfortable, I was able to nap during it. I had some minor swelling for about a week after each visit. At about the six week post treatment mark, I noticed significant reductions in the bulge. Three months later, it is nonexistent…

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“…the staff at RevitalizeMD are stellar, their care is outstanding. I would absolutely recommend getting Coolsculpting with Dr. Panesar, you will not be disappointed!”

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“It was a small investment of time and money for a big result and way less invasive than the surgeries that some ladies have to get.”

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“…I wanted a refreshed look but did not want to look like I had ‘work done’…very professional staff from the front desk to the RN who performed my procedure. She even called me the next day to see if I had any questions.

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“I appreciate that all of the treatments are performed by either Dr. Panesar or one of the fantastic nurses on her team. I knew I was in good hands after receiving a thorough consultation…”

Verified Real Self Reviewer


“From the moment you step through the door into this beautiful clinic, it’s as though all your stress melts away in the tranquility of the environment and the friendliness of the staff. If you get a chance to meet the owner, Dr. Panesar, you will understand why this place is the bomb! She is absolutely lovely!”

Denise Torpe


Looking for finally an amazing doctor? Here she is. Dr. Panesar is caring, kind, listens and the staff are consistently kind and helpful. Pleasant place to go, never a single issue with them.”

Lynette C


Absolutely love coming here. The doctor and staff are very kind and knowledgeable. They are patient, very professional, and help make every experience great!”


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April 20th @ 6:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Bhavlene Panesar